Action Cameras

Action cameras provide the rider with the ability to record there sections at the touch of a button. Gone are the days of strapping a vhs video recorder to your frame or helmet, with modern technology even the novice can record in TV quality high definition for less than you may think!

When recording your rides, its important to think about the POV (point of view) you would like to record from, think about where and how you will mount the camera, most have multiple mounting options to allow for a huge range of fixing points, helmet, handlebar, chest, frame ect ect. the list goes as far as you imagination. However, when choosing your camera check the design, for example, if you wanted to record from a chest mount, then the gopro would be a better choice than the larger drift!

Also worth considering is recording format, most use SD cards, but with the large file size of HD video its a good idea to check the largest card size compatible with the camera you are looking at, and remeber when purchasing SD cards for video, get the fastest you can Class10 being a good choice.

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