Dropper Seatposts

Are you into downhill, XC, or just a trail center warrior? whatever your passion, a dropper seatpopst is an absolute must have! imagine climbing to that steep peak that is immediately followed by steep downhill sections, rocky outcrops and drop offs, infact, anything remotely technical that you would normally drop your seat for, the dropper seatpost allows you to instantly drop your saddle at the flick of a switch, or pull of a lever. The ability to do this without ever leaving the bike, whilst still moving, and pop it back up again the second the trail demands will give your confidence a huge boost, its so easy that you will find yourself poping the saddle up and down constantly on all your rides giving you the ability to get out over the back wheel whenever the going gets tough! There a several types on the market today, and we are confident that any will offer a great advantage, most now come with a handlebar remote, so there is no need for your hands to ever leave the bars, some come with an under the saddle lever, not quite as effective but still a great quick and easy way to drop the seat.